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Thomas Umstattd Jr.
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Company Summary

Castle Media is a comprehensive web marketing company focused on designing websites and social media marketing strategies to help individuals and small enterprises maximize the potential of the web’s unlimited reach. We can also provide strategies to grow your business for an extra fee.

Executive Bio

Thomas built his first website at the age of 13 and has been helping people with the web ever since. He runs, a website that helps authors use technology to sell more books and build their online platforms. Thomas is an award-winning speaker on the subject of marketing and technology, and is in the process of publishing a book on the dangers of digital gaming.

Recent Press Releases and Speaking Appearances

Author Tech Tips has been featured in Writers Digest as one of the 101 Most Helpful websites for Authors.

Thomas Umstattd Jr. has been teaching writers about technology since 2008.  He has taught classes on Websites, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, and other technology-related topics at a variety of Writer’s Conferences and RISE Austin as well as around the world. Most recently he taught a class about Social Media Training on July 21, 2011 at Hope in the City church in Austin, TX.


Rachelle Gardner, literary agent – Author Media client
Rick Green, politician – Webroots Media client
Bridgelite Consulting, individual and business consulting – Umstattd Media client
Steve Laube, literary agent – Author Media client


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Rick Green“Webroots Media [a subdivision of Castle Media] was instrumental in taking me from a virtually unknown candidate to having the 4th largest online support of ALL Texas candidates and public servants.

Statewide candidates still tell me today that their online media teams could never figure out what our team was doing so successfully.”

– The Honorable Rick Green
Texas State Representative, 1999-2003 Candidate, Texas Supreme Court, 2010 

Mary DeMuth“Author Media helped me transfer my blog to my own server, painstakingly worked out the kinks, and gave me a practical, easy-to-use site. Within the first month of relaunching, my traffic went up 1000%.”

– Mary DeMuth