Meet the diverse talents behind Castle Media:

Our team is made up of designer/account manager hybrids with a variety of backgrounds and skills. What unites us is our creativity, intelligence, and passion for launching enterprises into the digital sphere. Our vision is to develop a comprehensive web platform for individuals and groups that are changing the world through faith, love and truth.

Castle Media was founded by Thomas Umstattd Jr. in an apartment in Austin, TX in 2008. Since then we have grown to a full-scale web marketing company serving authors, small businesses and politicians, both nationally and internationally.

Thomas Umstattd Jr.Thomas Umstattd Jr., CEO

Thomas built his first website at the age of 13 and has been helping people with the web ever since. Thomas is an award-winning speaker on the subject of marketing and technology.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, volunteering for pro-life ministries, and blogging at his personal website, You can follow him on Twitter @ThomasUmstattd.

Hannah HillHannah Hill, Account Manager

Unlike Thomas and Sam, Hannah’s geek-streak lay dormant until the worlds of politics and blogging united to call it out. After volunteering for a political campaign for Rick Green, an Umstattd Media client, she came on board Umstattd Media and has never looked back.

Hannah works in the hills of South Carolina; you can usually find her guiding clients through the website strategy process, overseeing website development, or blogging about politics at You can follow her on Twitter @HannahHill_SC.

Katherine SuessKatherine Suess, Developer & Support

Despite her last name, Katherine Suess is of no relation to Dr. Seuss (note the spelling difference), though she doesn’t mind responding to the perennial question when it gets asked.  To make things even more confusing, she has decided to become an author herself!

Katherine joined the Author Media team in 2011. She currently heads up website support for our clients and is proud to be the only female member of the Development Team.

Shaney LeeShaney Lee, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Shaney joined the team in 2012 after receiving her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Baylor University. She does a little bit of everything, including technical support, office management, social media, running the blog, building sites, and generally making sure stuff gets done. If you’ve ever called the office, chances are you’ve talked to her.

Shaney enjoys swing dancing and is a strong advocate for justice. She blogs about faith and justice at You can follow her on Twitter @ShaneyIrene.

Jim CamomileJim Camomile, Developer

When Jim came to Author Media, he brought with him his successful website design company and years of experience in the industry.

In 2004, Jim founded Blue Dove Website Design. When the company was acquired by Castle Media Group in 2011, Jim joined the team as the Developer Lead. Jim is an expert in web design, search engine optimization, video production, web marketing, and podcast production/syndication.

Tim Zook Tim Zook, Developer

Tim is an enthusiastic programmer and web developer. He is the primary developer for the MyBookTable WordPress plugin. He is fluent in multiple programming languages and works around the clock to learn more. He’s an example of loving what you do and doing what you love.

When he’s not working, Tim studies at Blinn College. His dream is to be a game programmer; our dream is to keep him on board forever so he can continue to help us develop web pages that delight millions.